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General information:

Megaloblastic anemias – it refers to a deficiency of Vit B12 and/or folic acid with disorders in DNA synthesis and in the maturation of the nuclei of the cells of the red line with the appearance of megaloblasts (megalocytes).

Folic acid is obtained from food in the form of polyglutamates: spinach, cereals, walnuts, hazelnuts, brewer's yeast, chocolate, liver. In the small intestine, polyglutamates are deconjugated to monoglutamates, which are mainly absorbed in the jejunum. The deconjugation process can be disturbed when taking contraceptives, Diphenylhidantoin, Phenytoin with subsequent disturbance in resorption. The hepatic depot for folic acid is about 5mg and it is enough to cover the body's needs for 3 months if the import is completely stopped. Daily need 100mg, for pregnant women 400mg.

Sample required:

Venous blood in morning in fasting

Key words:

folic acid, vitamin B9



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