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19.00 BGN

General Information:

The test package includes the following tests:

  • Examination and cultivation for pathogenic bacteria (Salmonella, Shigella, EPEC)
  • Morphological test of parasites
  • Enterobiosis (Scotch tape)

The package is required for:

  • re-signing for kindergarten
  • after a long absence of the child from the kindergarten (more than 3 months)
  • for an admission of a patient to a health institution such as nursing homes, hospices, homes for medical and social care, etc.
  • People working in restaurants, hotels, kitchen staff on ships and yachts 

For an initial admission to a nursery/kindergarten, additionally a complete blood count, urine and ESR are required.

Warning: The results of these tests are valid for 2 weeks.

ATTENTION: There are different medical certificates requiring additional medical information like Mantu test(tuberculosis), Re of lungs and other. Laborexpres 2000 is not providing this information!

Sample Required:

Urine - the first-morning urine

Faeces defecated in a clean and dry place. The sample must be taken from different parts of the faeces, hazelnut size is carefully placed in a special container, and tightly closed.

Enterobiosis (scotch tape): In the morning, before washing and defecation, a transparent scocht is detached from the glass and adhered to the anal aperture. Then it is pressed with a finger, peeled away and stuck again on the glass. Do not use cystoplasties, leucoplasts and scotch  that are with colour!

* A set of  containers and glasses can be bought at any pharmacy or in the laboratory


Intestinal carriage, scotch tape (Enterobiosis), faecal sample (bacteriology and morphology helminths)

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