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LDL-cholesterol is a component of low-density lipoproteins. In normal lipid exchange, it is digested by tissues and utilized there.

Impaired absorption of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is an important risk factor for the development of early atheromatosis. Therefore, the demand for elevated serum LDL-cholesterol concentration is an essential stage in the detection of risk-bearing contingents. This is so. Bad cholesterol.

The elevated serum level of LDL-cholesterol indicates better than total cholesterol an increased risk of early ischemic heart disease. Whereas in determining total cholesterol, a hypercholesterolemia may be due to an elevated HDL-cholesterol level and is of no clinical significance, the establishment of elevated LDL-cholesterol is a serious basis for dietary and/or meditative measures, especially in young patients.


Sample Required:

Venous blood in the morning in fasting



LDL - Cholesterol direct

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